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How To Relieve Stiff Neck Pain

How To Relieve Stiff Neck Pain

Everyone suffers from stiff neck pain sometimes. All it takes to set it off is sleeping in wrong position. The information in this video teaches you how to prevent this from happening though, through improving posture and other simple changes.

How to relieve stiff neck pain. Stiffness in the neck is quite common. The older we get, the stiffer we get.

Stiffness in the neck is quite a lot more common in older people. That's because the actual disks within the neck start degenerating and losing a bit of shock absorption which will cause these muscles, which is facet joint, to get pinched together. If that happens, it will lead into a reduction of movement, okay? Especially turning your head left and right.

Younger people, you know, it can happen as well. You might sleep funny one night and again what happens, you know, these joints get locked, they get compressed, they get inflamed, and that causes pain in itself. The muscle surrounding this area goes into a spasm, which is also painful, and you will end up with a stiff neck.

There is a condition called torticollis or wry neck, which is very common and especially with people when they slept funny, you know, on the couch, or in bed, but just, you know, in a bad position. It is when the facet joints get locked and unable to move the head. Now the treatment for a stiff neck is quite simple.

What we have to do is we have to mobilize the facet joints. Again, we do this through with our hands. Therapists mobilizing the spine, manipulating the spine, you know, you've heard the term cracking of the neck, which is, you know, if done by a professional, is quite safe, but very effective in loosening up a stiff neck.

Also deep tissue massage, a treatment point massage can be done. Dry needling or acupuncture, and then a very big thing, probably the very most important thing is posture correction, okay. Because we have to reduce the pressure of those joints, and we do that by teaching people how to sit right, and to walk right, and to keep the head basically on top of the shoulders.

That's how we relieve stiff neck pain. .