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How To Relieve Upper Neck Pain

How To Relieve Upper Neck Pain

This video provides helpful information on natural ways to treat neck pain which is very common among people especially office workers or those who sit for long hours at a computer or reading.

How to relieve upper neck pain. My experience on upper neck which is pain people feel just under their skull and the upper part of the neck and it is caused by muscle tightness. There is stiffness and pain in that area and is usually caused when the head that is supposed to sit on top of the shoulders moves forward in relation to the body.

Now, all the muscles that support the neck is leaning forward. They will tighten up in order to keep your head up. Now doing that over a long time or sustained period of time, it can be an eight-hour day or repetitively over a week, two weeks, will cause muscles to tighten up.

It is important to relieve that so we have to ensure that the head moves back unto the shoulders. What also happens is that the deep neck muscles that keep your head on top of your shoulders, they get weak day after day. They will just get weaker and weaker so it is important to activate them and to get them stronger.

A very good simple exercise is called chin tuck where you just sit and move your head back unto your shoulder, hold it for a few seconds, three seconds, and then back. You are not bending your head down, you are not bending your head up, your eyes are level and you are just moving your head back on top of your shoulders. You will be surprised that not a lot of people can actually do it correctly.

You see there should be quite a lot of movement if you can do that every day, three or four times a day. Now, it is a very simple exercise but it is very, very important to relieve the pain in your upper neck because it strengthens the deep neck muscles and stretches out the tight muscles. There is also treatment with your physiotherapist.

We can relieve tension in that area. We make sure the joints that makes the movement possible of your neck, that they are loose and free, that your skull, your head is sitting correctly on top of the first vertebrae. Just to recap, chin tucks is very important to relieve the pain in your upper neck and also getting treatment from your physiotherapist and that is how you relieve upper neck pain. .