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How To Remember Your Past Life

How To Remember Your Past Life

This Videojug film provides a unique experience of going back to our past lives with the help of a professional past life regressionist. It tells us how past life regression sessions help us in better understanding of our present lives.

In this video, I am going to tell you how you can remember your past life. The best way to remember a past life is to have a proper regression session with a past life regressionist. This is like being hypnotized but really, you are going to be in a very deep sense and state of meditation.

The regressionist will be able to relax you and put you in a very comfortable meditative state. They will take away any worries or any concerns and fears that you have and they will talk to you before you start your regression and put you at ease. When you're having a regression to remember your past life, you will simply feel that you are in a very calm and relaxed peaceful state of mind.

So, you're able then to let yourself just go with what you're being asked and told to do. Often, you will be taken back to your past life by a form of, perhaps, walking across a bridge or floating down a river on a boat or even getting on a train and getting off at the station. When you go back to a past life, it may be that you get a little bit of a surprise as to where you find yourself.

You may also see and recognize people in that life that you know in this life and that is because we all evolve in a soul group and everyone around us today has been with us through the past lives that we've had, even though they may not have the same relationship to us as they do today. So, for example, you may find that you're your son's mother, now, obviously, but you may in a past life have been your son's wife, or your son's brother, or your son's uncle. It's really a case of just being able to go with that, and go with the flow.

You'll find that images come into your mind. You may even smell or sense things around you. If you're in a different country, you may feel the heat of it if it's a hot country.

You may hear different languages being spoken. Do not try and change these images, just go with them. Sometimes, people are a little disappointed because they feel they had a different life, but the one that we go to when we're regressed is the one that we're meant to.

If you remember in your past life, it's worth knowing that it's not going to solve any issues in this life; but if you died in a house fire, or you drowned in a previous life, it may be why in the life that you're living now, you're frightened of water or you keep feeling very hot or you do not like fire. There's normally a rough relevance and a reference to a previous existence for things in this life. So, best way to remember your past life is to have it professionally done by a regressionist.

And that is how you remember your past life. .