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How To Remove Armpit Hair

How To Remove Armpit Hair

A professional at the London Beauty Institute provides a step-by-step guide to waxing underarms. Always look into the direction of the hair growth, pull in the opposite direction of the hair growth and remember to have gloves handy should any blood spots occur.

Today, we're going to teach you how to do an underarm wax. Our model here needs to be unclothed from the top part, covered with a towel. What we're going to do is just take the client's arm and lift if up above her head.

Move the towel out of the way so that we're not going to get any excess wax on the towel. First thing we do is cleanse the area with a pre-wax lotion and some cotton wool. This is going to remove any oils from the area so that the wax can get to the hairs.

It's advisable to take another piece of cotton wool and just using a little bit of talcum powder, lightly dust the area. Depict the wax taking off wax from just one side, so you should have wax on just one side of the spatula. When we apply wax to the underarms, it's really worth looking in the direction of the hair growth as to what needs to be applied in the direction of the growth.

So, from here, the hairs are growing in an upwards motion, so I'm going to apply to that area first, giving a good coverage of wax, then take your strip, apply to the area and pull your client's skin nice and firm. Always pull the strip in the opposite direction to which you applied the wax. So, that's directly back, removing any excess as you go.

Moving on from there, we're going to apply wax to the areas that have different growth patterns. So, this area here, hairs are going in a slightly different angle. Apply the wax, apply the strip, pressure and again pull in the opposite direction.

Continue to do small sections, following the hair growth direction, until your wax is complete. When you're finished, fold your strip and dispose of it. On a cotton pad, take some after wax lotion and apply it to the area.

After wax lotion soothes the area and cools the skin and removes any excess wax. After waxing, if there are any shorter hairs, you can tweeze those. Pull them in the direction of hair growth, so that is the direction you would've applied the wax to the hairs.

It's worth remembering that hairs really should be about half a centimeter for waxing. And always be aware that with underarm waxing, blood spots can occur. If this happens, ideally pop a pair of gloves on to protect yourself and your client from any infections. .