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How To Remove Bike Pedals

How To Remove Bike Pedals

This video shows us how to unscrew the pedals of the bike and some tips to remember when screwing and unscrewing and positioning the pedals.

Hello, my name is John Mortimer from London. I have been a bike mechanic for 12 years. I am going to show you few things about bikes.

How to change pedals? Occasionally, the bike gets dropped or wear out, or if we move them from side to side. They should never apply to the pedals. You can know as you are riding the bike, the pedal doesn't turn round, they move from left to right and it just doesn't work properly, and also the bike can fall off soon.

So to change the pedal, they are mounted on here. Now, I took a 15 milli spanner, hold it there and you turn anticlockwise and then unscrew the pedal, or if you rotate the pedal backwards, it can be easier and here it comes. Most pedals are expensive ones.

Then pedal on the other side is reversed. Come here, I can show you that. Okay, this one, so I turn it that way, this is unscrewing the pedal.

Our recommendation is to put some grease over there because it stops the two metals fusing together. So we may need to change them at some point and it's not that easy. So the other thing is the mark left there when you buy new pedals, so you make sure you get them in the right side and make sure that you place them in the right place.

Screw them to the front of the bike, they are always to the front of the bike. So you can tighten them that way. That's enough for remembering them like this. .