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How To Remove Calluses On Feet

How To Remove Calluses On Feet

Follow this doctor's directions on how to take care of calluses on your feet. Soaking in warm water and moisturizing work wonders.

Today, I am going to speak to as to how to remove calluses on your feet. Calluses are thickening of skin on the bottom of your feet or on top of toes and bony prominences. This is as a result of pressure or friction stresses applied by both footwear and simple walking.

The technical term is known as hyperkeratosis. Home treatments can simply involve reducing the bulk of the tissue and would be indicated, should your condition be mild. Soak your feet in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes.

This should soften the calluses so they can easily be removed with an Emory board. Be careful not to be overzealous and cause bleeding or damage to the healthy skin underneath. Use a good moisturizer to prevent dryness of the skin.

Certain creams contain urea can help reduce the hyperkeratosis, or the hard skin, causing the calluses. This is how we treat calluses on your feet. .