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How To Remove Corns On Feet

How To Remove Corns On Feet

This video gives the viewer clear and easy to understand advice on how to treat corns, and how to help remove them without excessive discomfort.

Today, I am going to speak to you about how to treat corns. Corns are often found at the bottom of your feet, or on the top of toes as a result of pressure from shoes or deformities. A corn is quite literally a dense piece of skin that results at pressure points and is more commonly seen in darker skin types.

It can often present as a very painful condition when it impinges on a nerve locally and cause severe discomfort and shoe fitting problems. Treatment options include self-treatment, which may involve changing your footwear, reducing the pressure at the pressure points by specialized innersoles or special gel innersoles that reduce the shearing and pressure, available over the counter. You may also soak your feet in warm water for approximately 10 to 15 minutes to soften the corns, which are often associated with calluses also.

Follow this by using an emery board or a file to shave down some of the prominence of the corn, should this fail, then you should seek professional help from a foot specialist, who may be able to use a scalpel to remove the offending corn. Newer surgical techniques are available to either correct the deforming force, which could involve shaving some bone or excising the corn, allowing healthy tissue to grow in its place. This is how we treat corns. .