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How To Remove Ear Hair

How To Remove Ear Hair

You're male. You're probably over 30. And bam! One day, you wake up and see a long hair hanging out of your ear. Since you'll now be growing up to one centimeter of ear hair a month, we will be happy to show you the most painless and quickest options for removing nasty ear hair!

Step 1: You will need

  • 1 pair of tweezers
  • 1 pair of safety scissors
  • 1 trimmer
  • 1 wax
  • 4 cotton cloth strips
  • 1 alcohol
  • 6 cotton swabs

Step 2: The Right Time And Place

Pick a good location. Try a large mirror in the bathroom.

Don't guess where the hair is and blindly begin cutting-choose an area with a strong light source so you can see your ear hair.

Step 3: The Tweezing Method

Always wipe your equipment with alcohol before you start.

Turn your head sideways so you can see your ear. If you need to, use your spare hand to hold your ear.

Tweeze one hair at a time. Yanking makes the pain worse-just firmly pull each strand.

Step 4: The Scissor Method

Start by slowly trimming one hair at a time, cutting as close to the base as possible. Concentrate on where the tips of the scissors will end so you don't cut into flesh.

Step 5: The Trimmer Method

A trimmer is a fast and painless option to trim a furry ear canal.
Ear trimmers come in two varieties: manual and electric. Trimmers use rotary or oscillating blades sheathed in a protective casing.

If you're using a manual trimmer, just place the instrument at the opening of your ear canal and rotate the bottom handle back and forth. With an electric trimmer, switch it on and maneuver the trimmer without using pressure on your skin.

For hair existing on the edges of your ear, use your tweezers or scissors.

Step 6: The Waxing Method

Your skin must be free of oils and dirt, or the wax won't stick.... so wash your earlobes with a non-oily cleanser.

Now that your ear is prepped, scoop out a small amount of wax and spread a thin layer on the hairy area.

Quickly place the cotton cloth strips on the waxed area. Pull your skin taut, then yank the cloth away in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Clean up with a cotton swab and remove any stray hair that you've missed.

Always sanitize your tools with alcohol.