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How To Remove Fabric Paint

How To Remove Fabric Paint

It's no fun to make a mistake in fabric painting. But here's the good news, you can remove it.

Hello, my name's Kevin Shenton. I'm the UK manager of Marabu Creative. We've managed to put together a range of videos showing all aspects of fabric, textile painting along with glass painting and porcelain painting.

I'd like now just to give you some kind of idea of how to remove fabric paints when you've actually put it on a piece of fabric and made a mistake. Often, people believe this is destroyed forever when it actually isn't. Most of the Marabu fabric paints are water-based paints so they're not permanent until you seal them with heat and normally, that's basically under normal iron.

So, the easiest thing if you make a small error on a t-shirt, then have a damp cloth and immediately remove it. On lighter fabrics, it removes quite easily. If you find that the materials are so tint and you haven't even fixed it, the easiest way is just to wash this through with lukewarm water and all the paint would disappear from the substrate.

So, there's nothing permanent Marabu until you heat fix it with heat and pressure. Marabu make a whole range of textile paints, textile plus, a glitter liner or 3D liner, all designed to work on fabrics along with other materials. Sometimes though, you make a mistake and need to remove these textile products from a substrate.

Don't worry, it's not too late. You can either use a damp cloth straight away and remove it from light fabrics or if you make what's more a permanent and it starts to dry, as long as the product wasn't heat fixed, wash it straight through with lukewarm water and the paint will come out of the fabric. .