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How To Remove Fake Tan

How To Remove Fake Tan

When you remove your tan, make sure that your product is a DHA product with organic aloe vera which will definitely not damage your skin. So choose the products that you use.

Hi. I'm Abigail Oleck and I'm the founder of Beaubronz and Spray Tanners to the Stars. And now I'm going to share with you my top tanning tips.

Okay, so if you need to get rid of a fake tan, I do need to explain to you that DHA, that is your self-tanning agent, takes 8 hours to develop so before that 8 hours is up, you have got an 8-hour window, well, about 4-hour window actually, to actually remove the tan. Once the tan has fully developed, it can be quite difficult to get off but you do have that sort of 46-hour window in which you can remove that and I'm going to show you how. Okay, so I've applied fake tan earlier, what I've got here is an organic aloe vera and fruit acid product.

So what that's going to do is the fruit acids actually going to act as an exfoliator. What they're going to do is that they're going to just release all the dead cells that are on my leg and I'm going to take a buffing mitt. Now I've got to buff quite hard in order to remove the fake tan.

But you can start to see already, don't know if you can start to see that basically, that is taking off my DHA product. Now, the reason that is because it hasn't been on for days, it has only been on for couple of hours. Now when I work in salons, when I do my spray tans on my clients, it takes me about 20 minutes to apply the spray tan but at the end of it, I always use the Exfoliese which is organic aloe vera fruit acids.

I always spray over the hands, make sure that I wipe down all of the hands, make sure I wipe all in between the fingers and all around the wrists because in the first few hours, you can remove the DHA as you can see from the skin. If you've had the unfortunate situation where basically you've had the product applied and is the next day, it's going to be really difficult to remove but there is some hope. The first thing is to get into a shower and use a really really strong exfoliator, not an exfoliator that's oil-based but really strong exfoliator like a shower exfoliating gel.

Go into the shower, scrub, use your buffing mitt, use your loofah, do everything you can to get as much of the tan that you can off. Then, believe or not, but it does work, you use a very light colour on top because what's happened is you've taken off all of the excess tan that you don't need but if you've got any patchiness, you'll be able to even that out with a very light percentage DHA product such as the one percent DHA product. .