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How To Remove Hair Extensions

How To Remove Hair Extensions

Removing hair extensions is simple, but must be done by a stylist. Whether the extensions be pre bonded, micro rings, or fusion bonded hair extensions, it is important to keep you hair in great condition. Top extension salon Glamour Junkies shows us how it's done.

Step 1: Clip-ins

Removing clip-ins is incredibly easy. Just as you simply pop them into your hair when you want them, when you have had enough you just open up the clip and away you go. It is recommended though to always remove clip-ins before going to bed.

Step 2: Fusion Bonding and Pre Bonded

Removal of any extensions that use a bonding agent must be done at a salon, but both fusion bonding and pre bonded extensions are removed in exactly the same way. A bond remover containing acetate will be applied to soften up the bond. After a bond has been briefly soaked, it is then broken up with a pair of pliers. If done correctly, the whole extension will slide down the natural hair.

Step 3: Micro Rings

Again, it is important to get Micro Rings removed by a qualified technician as trying to pull them out yourself can severely damage and break the hair. Proper removal is very quick, easy, and simply involves clamping the rings with a pair of pliers to squeeze them open. They are then just slid off of the hair, leaving it in perfectly good condition.

Step 4: Tips and aftercare

Our hair naturally sheds overtime, but with extensions in, it sometimes can not fall from the head. The result is it looks like you are losing lots of hair when they are removed, but don't be alarmed, it's perfectly natural.

Once all your extensions are removed, it is wise to follow up with a good shampoo and a deep condition. Before long, your hair will be back to just the way it was.