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How To Remove Nail Polish Stains From Clothes

How To Remove Nail Polish Stains From Clothes

Follow these simple steps to get out nail polish stains. One of the trickiest stains to remove, but if you follow VideoJug's short tutorial removing nail polish stains from clothes will be as easy as 1,2,3.

Step 1: You Will Need

  • roll of paper towel
  • non-oily nail polish remover
  • light-colored cloths

Step 2: Prep The Stain

Always treat any stain as soon as you can. Nail polish stains are quick to become permanent, so take action immediately. Quickly prep the stain by placing a folded paper towel underneath the stain to absorb the nail polish coming out of the fabric.

Step 3: Remove With Remover

This may seem obvious, but use nail polish remover to treat the stain. I mean it was created to REMOVE nail polish, right? Some brands can be harmful to your clothing though so proceed with caution. Use a solution that's oil-free to avoid more stains. Test the polish remover first on a hidden spot. If the fabric changes color, try a different kind of remover. There are tons of products now days, if your confused, ask a salesperson at a beauty supply store.

Step 4: Changing Time

Make sure you change out the paper towel under the stain frequently. As the paper towel gets soiled with polish, trade it out with a fresh one. Continue treating with the polish remover until you no longer see color coming out onto the paper towel. This may happen before the stain is completely gone.

Step 5: Rinse And Wash

Stick the stained fabric under cool running water to flush out the polish remover. Next, simply launder your item as you normally would.