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How To Remove Paint From Brick

How To Remove Paint From Brick

Learn how to easily remove paint from any brick surface with this video presentation from VideoJug and Aspect Maintenance.

My name's Tom. I work for Aspect Maintenance. I'm a decorator and I'm going to show you how we take paint off brickwork.

So if we just look at this wall here, what we've actually got is just some emulsion paint or some oil paint. Possibly it's just been dorked on the wall, the brickwork here. So if we wanted to get this off.

it's pretty tough, tightly on.

the best thing to use is something like that which is basically a brick acid.

When you're using brick acid you have to make sure your hands in particular are properly protected because if it gets on your skin it can irritate you. So use some proper industrial plastic gloves, protective wear; you should really use goggles as well if you're splashing it around. So if you put the acid in a bucket you need something to brush it on.

But also we're just using an old broom head here. Because you're going to damage the broom anyways, so you're not going to reuse it for much afterwards. And we'll show you how it comes up.

Okay. And that is how you would basically clean the paint from brickwork.