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How To Remove Paint From Carpet

How To Remove Paint From Carpet

Here's a step-by-step guide to teach you how to remove paint stains from your carpet, whether it is water-based or oil-based paint.

In this video, we are going to show you every homeowner's nightmare, paint on a carpet, but more importantly, how to get it out. The approach you will take will depend on paint spilled on to your carpet. For oil-based paint, you will need white spirit, dishwashing soap, warm water, and white towel.

First things first, you will need to scrape up any excess paint. It is important that you start scraping from the outside of the spillage, and work your way into the center. Otherwise the stain will simply spread over a larger area.

Once you have scooped up as much as paint as possible, you will have to deal with the remaining stain. For water-based paints, fill a bowl up with warm water and dishwashing soap and mix it well. Dip a white towel into the cleaning solution, and brush the stain.

Repeat this process until you are happy that the paint is fairly dissolved and released from the carpet fibers. Now, rinse the area with clear water and dry with a fresh towel. But oil-based paints, soapy water alone will not be enough to dissolve this type of paints.

Therefore, we need to take few extra steps. Dip a towel into white spirit and brush the stained area. Repeat the process until the paint is lifted.

Wash the area again with warm, soapy water and brush with fresh towel. Rinse the area with clear water, and brush until completely dried. It is always a good idea to lay old bed sheet or plastic on the carpet and furniture before you start painting the walls and ceiling.

Make sure never to use bleach when cleaning carpet, or you risk discoloring them. And that's how to remove paint on carpets. .