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How To Remove Programs From Windows Startup

How To Remove Programs From Windows Startup

Windows PCs fill up with all sorts of stuff, slowing them down. You don't need some of the stuff that automatically wastes resources on startup, so here's how to remove them.

Step 1: Identify which programs to remove

If you look down the bottom right of the screen, there are a load of icons. You can see more by clicking the little left arrow. These are all applications waiting to be launched, wasting your system's resources.
Some you'll need, some you won't.

Step 2: Run the System Configuration Utility

Go to "Start"->"Run" (or just highlight the little text-entry box if you're in Vista). Type "msconfig" and press enter. You will get a new window "System Configuration Utility", where you click the "startup" tab. This brings up a page showing all the programs which get booted up as the machine start up.

Step 3: Remove programs

Be extra-‘specially careful here – some programmes listed are crucial to make your PC work in the first place, so don't go uninstalling willy-nilly. Only remove programs you KNOW you won't need.

Deselect any you don't want on startup, and click Apply.

Click OK.

Restart the machine to make the changes take effect.