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How To Remove Rear Bike Wheel

How To Remove Rear Bike Wheel

If you've ever ridden a bike, chances are you've gotten a flat tire before. If you know the fundamentals of changing a bike tube, you can now learn how to remove the back tire to change it in this video!

Hello. My name's John from On Your Bike in London. I've been a bike mechanic for 12 years.

I'm going to show you a few things about bikes, like saddle height and setting it up, setting the correct size and a few maintenance tips as well. How to remove the back wheel? This is a little more complicated because you have the gears and the chain at the back. On this bike, the tire's inflated, so the easy way to do it is to disconnect the brakes by moving that wire through the little cut-out in the brake.

I squeeze them together, and that'll undo, that saves me deflating the tire. This kind of bike's got nuts holding the back wheel on, whereas on some bikes, they're quick-release, and just relieve. This one's a 15-mil nut, so if I start undoing these, and then move on to this side as well.

Gradually undo these. I'll take the weight of the wheel to stop it dropping out, and then what I'll need to do is move the gears out of the way and then that will just drop down and come out quite easily. And then, to change the tire or tube or anything else, will be easy.

I'll now show you how to put it back again, same procedure, that part of the mechanism there, get hold of that, and move that. Get this in between. You see that's located now into the drop-outs, they're called, in the frame, and then tighten up the nuts, same on this side.

That's tightening that up. Just make sure it's in the drop-out in the frame correctly. And then finally, check the brakes to make sure they're cycling, reconnect those, squeeze.

That's fine. And then just gradually turn the bike, and it will go back into the gears. And that's reconnected, and that's how to take your back wheel out. .