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How To Remove Red Wine Stains

How To Remove Red Wine Stains

Remove Red Wine Stains. Follow Lady's maid Bea Knapp's step by step instructions to get red wine stains out of your clothes. Rely on your dry cleaner no longer!

Step 1: You will need

  • some water
  • some White paper towels or a white cloth
  • some Oxygen based stain remover
  • some Laundry detergent
  • 1 basin or bowl
  • 1 spoon
  • 1 kettle

Step 2: Blot

To avoid long-term damage to your clothes, act as fast as possible.
Blot the stain to remove any excess wine using a paper towel or cloth. Make sure whatever you use is white as the dye from coloured materials could leak into the shirt fabric and cause further damage.

Step 3: Check the label

Check the instructions on the label to see if the garment is machine or hand washable. If it is neither, you will have to take it to a dry cleaners.

Step 4: Dilute the stain

If possible, run cold water over the stain immediately to dilute it. Otherwise, sprinkle some water over the stain to keep it wet. If it dries, it will be harder to get out later.
The most important thing is to dilute the stain., so if there is no water to hand, white wine or soda water will work just as well.
Some people suggest sprinkling salt over the stain. This does not remove any of the dye but will stop the liquid from spreading.

Step 5: Soak

Dissolve about a dessert spoon of oxygen based stain remover in a bowl of water and soak the shirt, stirring occasionally with a spoon to ensure the stain is completely immersed. After a few of minutes, you should no longer be able to see any red wine on the shirt.

Step 6: Wash at a high temperature

Once the stain has been removed, wash the garment at the highest temperature advised on the label.
The same process will apply for colored clothes, but make sure you use a laundry detergent that is suitable for colored fabrics. After five minutes or so the stain should have disappeared completely.

Step 7: Dry

Dry as normal