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How To Remove Salmon Skin

How To Remove Salmon Skin

Before you can have that tasty salmon for supper, you have to remove the skin to prepare it for cooking. Learn how to remove the skin from a salmon, or any fish, with this quick video.

I'm going to show you how to take the skin off of a salmon. The first thing we need to do is to remove the fillets. So, what I'm doing is just cutting down along the backbone using a nice little sweeping motion with a filleting knife.

Filleting knives are used because they're very, very flexible and fish bones are quite delicate. So, I'm just reaching the spine now. So, it's just a nice, steady, sweeping motion, and the first fillet is off.

Just clean off any sort of belly fat that's on the salmon. Then, starting from the tail end with the skin down, make an incision just down to the skin and then, turn your knife so it's virtually flat but jut pressing against the skin and using a rocking motion, backwards and forwards sawing, so we'll be moving the knife one way, holding the skin with our other hand, and moving it in the opposite direction. If you find the salmon's a little bit hard to hold on to, if you put a little bit of salt on your fingers, it'll help to give you some grip.

Using a motion such as that, you can see, the skin comes off nice and cleanly. And this will apply to any fish. And you keep working your way all the way along until you have the skin removed.

What a lovely salmon fillet. So, that's how to remove salmon skin. .