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How To Remove Your Bra Without Taking Off Your Shirt

How To Remove Your Bra Without Taking Off Your Shirt

Whether you want to channel Flashdance, seduce a wet t-shirt contest audience or you really need the underwire from your bra to break into your locked car, this film will show you how to remove your bra without giving everyone a peep show.

Step 1: Group Effort

If you are only beginning to master the art form of removing your bra without taking off your shirt, you may want to have a group of friends shield you from passersby. Have some friends stand around you, facing outward, while you practice the maneuver. This way if things get out of control, you are well shielded from the public eye.

Step 2: Un-do

Whether your bra is a back clasp or a front clasp, you'll want to un-do the clasp first. You can just reach up the front or back of your shirt to do this. Once you become seasoned, you will be able to do this with one hand and through your shirt.

Step 3: Strip Your Straps

Reach up through one of your sleeves, grab your bra strap and pull your arm through. You don't need to be a contortionist to complete this step successfully; your strap should stretch enough so that your arm fits through comfortably. Repeat this step for the other side.

Step 4: The Pull Through

At this point your bra should be only hanging from one arm. You have an option now. You can either pull your bra out from the bottom of your shirt OR reach through your sleeve and pull the bra through the arm hole of your shirt.

Step 5: Style

Now that you know how to conquer the move, put a little bit of attitude in it in order to impress friends or seduce your boyfriend.