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How To Renew IP Address In Windows 7

How To Renew IP Address In Windows 7

This VideoJug film explains how to quickly renew the computer IP address in Windows 7. Watch an easy demonstration by an IT expert.

Today I'm going to tell you how to renew your IP address on Windows 7. You use renewing the IP address when the computer is not talking to the network or you need it to get new network settings from the router or server. In order to renew the IP address you go into the Start menu, type cmd to get to the Command Prompt, press Enter.

And to renew the IP address you simply type “ipconfig /renew”. And what this will do is get rid of the current IP address of the computer, go off to the server or router and get the new IP address back again. So you won't see much happen, but you'll see the new IP address appear when I press Enter.

Ok, so there we go. It has the IP address of 10.1.

99.89. There is another way of doing this which doesn't use the Command Prompt and it's essentially disabling and re-enabling the network card which will have the same effects as refreshing the IP address.

So, what we'll do is, we'll close this down. In Windows you can go to into the connection, go into the Open Network and Sharing Center, go into the actual network, in this case it's the wireless network. And what you can do here, you can see that we have a connection.

If we click on Disable, we're now not connected to the network. In order to get connected again, we're going to have to go into the Adapters, go to the wireless connection, which is here, right-click it and do Enable. That will enable the wireless connection and it will start to get its IP address again.

So we can see it's identifying here, it's got the connection. If we go back into that connection, we can see that it's all connected and we have the IP address.

We had a look at how you can renew the IP address of your computer.

You can either go into the Command Prompt and type config /renew, which does that, or you can go into the Network settings, disable the network adapter and then right-click it and re-enable the network adapter and that will get the IP address back onto the computer. And that's how to renew your IP address in Windows.