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How To Repair A Ceramic-Disc Tap

How To Repair A Ceramic-Disc Tap

Fix your dripping tap in less than an hour with this DIY repair know how. No leaks, no drips, just a fully working ceramic-disc tap.

Step 1: You will need

Step 2: Prepare

Don't even think about fixing your tap until you've turned off the water supply. This can be done by turning the valve found under, or near the sink. If not, turn off the mains for the entire house.

Now run the tap to drain off any water left in the system.

TOP TIP: Put the plug in the sink to stop anything from falling down the plug hole while you work.

Step 3: Remove the tap head

There are thousands of different styles of ceramic-disc taps, but all will have removable tops, or headgear as plumbers call it. Try unscrewing the handle, then use a small Alan key to undo the fixings. Otherwise examine your tap to see where the fixing are and undo them. Lift off the entire headgear.

Step 4: The cartridge

Use an adjustable wrench to undo the hexagonal nut. This might be a bit stiff, so grab the spout with your other hand for leverage. Now remove the entire cartridge, if it looks cracked or worn, you'll need to replace it. These come left or right handed, so bear it in mind when you get the replacement.

Step 5: Reassemble

Have a feel into the section of tap still fixed onto the sink to make sure it's free from limescale or any other dirt. Then reassemble the tap with the new ceramic-disc. Don't rush this bit, take your time to make sure all nuts and screws are tightened properly. Turn the water back on and check your handiwork.