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How To Repair A Lawn

How To Repair A Lawn

Mike from The Lawn Company shows how to repair an area of lawn that's been damaged using just a rake, some grass seed, and some top dressing.

Hi, I'm Mike, and this is Dan and we're from The Lawn Company. We have a wealth of experience looking after lawns, large and small. We're going to show you some handy tips on how to care for your lawn.

I'm going to show you how to repair your lawn. Here's an area of lawn that's been damaged by the dogs or the children charging around on it. What I'm going to do is get my soil rake, and just gently fluff up the soil underneath where the grass had been.

Then, what I've got mixed up here is about three good handfuls of grass seed in with top dressing material. That's about ten kilos of top dressing material. The reason for mixing the seed up in with the top dressing, is it just allows even distribution of the grass seeds throughout the top dressing, so that if you've got a really deep repair mark, all the grass seed doesn't end up at the bottom, and then fight its way to get through to the top.

Taking the soil rake, I'm using slightly the edges of the soil rake, rather than the flat. I'm just working the top dressing material with the seed into that hole. Of course, I'm confident that the hole is filled up, because if it rains and you get a bit of a hollow, then of course, the repair is null and void.

I'm going to use the back end of the rake, just work the top dressing material maybe a little bit more, into an area a little bit wider than the repair, so that you don't end up with a little tuftie of grass seed growing, which will look like a polka dot over the area of the lawn. And then, all we need to do after that is wait for the grass seed to germinate, helps with a little bit of suitable weather. A little bit of rain for a little irrigation, and there you go.

That's how you repair your lawn. .