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How To Repair A Roof

How To Repair A Roof

This video demonstrates how to remove and replace a broken slate to repair a roof along with the important tools to get the job done.

How to repair a roof. This is a slated roof. I'm going to show you how to repair a slate.

This is a slate ripper, this is what I use to get the nails out which are holding the slates, obviously on the broken slate. It's got a hook on it so you can put it underneath the slate and hook the nails out. So, I've got the ripper underneath the slate, I've hooked it on the nail, we know it's the nail, so it's not moving anymore.

We give it a tap and the slate will come out. We now have our broken slate out. We get a piece of lead, strap that in to stick, flat it out as flat as possible.

The slates are holding with probably a couple of nails so I'm going to now attach to the roof bands that are obviously holding the lower slates in and now they're in. Again, just make sure it's flat. The problem to keep it flat is because it will keep the slate up once it's repaired.

You get some snips. Cut the strap probably about a level to the slates next to it. We're going to get the slate, we're going to push that over there so we know where its level.

We're going to get a copper nail, tap that through our lead strap, this forms a hole, we lift the lead strap up and hopefully get it through the hole of the lead strap, again the lead down entirely flat, just press your hand. So now, the copper reveals on top of this and it's not going to slide out, it's really going to hold in there. Again, we'll get a slate ripper which will help us burrow the slate in.

Get that tucked and in line with the copper, pull the slate ripper up, arrange the slate and then I'm covering it now and that is not going to slip out. And that is how to repair a roof.