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How To Repair Chipped China

How To Repair Chipped China

Learn the basics of repairing china. This film explains matching the colour of the glue to the colour of the china. Plus a few other helpful tips.

Step 1: The Example

We're going to show you the best way of repairing chips in china. All of these plates have chips on them. This top plate has a chip right here. Whereas this one happens to have been repaired. So we'll use this plate for the demonstration of repairing the chip.

Step 2: The Tools

To repair the chip we need several articles. We need epoxy glue. This happens to be extra time epoxy glue, which saves you from remixing if it dries out. You need a set of pastel chalk, which is available at art stores. You need a knife for scraping chalk onto the paper. And you need toothpicks.

Step 3: Preparing The Glue

So let's get started. First of all we take the epoxy glue and we squeeze some onto a surface such as white paper. Then, we take a couple of toothpicks and remix it.

Step 4: Preparing The Colouring

Now, it's necessary to match the color chalk to the place the chip occurs on the plate. So, I want to decide which of these colors is going to be best for repairing the chip. The one I like best is this one here, so I'm going to take a knife and scrape some of the chalk onto the glue. Not an awful lot; just some.

Step 5: Mixing The Two

Then I take the toothpick and mix the coloring into the glue, and take the plate, take some of the glue on to my toothpick, and that's about right. If I'm dissatisfied I can scrape it off and start again. Even when the glue is hard, you can take a knife and peel it away. The glue lasts through many dish washings, and it's no problem about it's wearing, or wearing off.

Step 6: Small Chips

Very small chips, such as this one, can also be repaired. Here's a repair right under my finger. So to repair this one I need a somewhat darker color. So, I take the plate, and I figure out which of these colors is going to be the best. Now, I add some of this to what I've already mixed, mix it in with the glue, take a small amount on the end of a toothpick. Just touch it to the spot that needs repair.

Step 7: Broken Plates

So, that's the system. If you've actually broken a plate into two parts, and you need to glue it together, you'll find that anchoring the pieces with modeling clay is helpful. Modeling clay can be found at a toy store.