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How To Repair Holes In Plasterboard

How To Repair Holes In Plasterboard

Plasterboard is notoriously easy dent and make holes in. Luckily plasterboards fairly straight forward to repair and patch up too. Here's how to get your plasterboard looking good as new

Step 1: You will need

  • filler
  • wire mesh
  • string
  • thin strip of wood or a pencil
  • wet cloth
  • sanding paper
  • paint

Step 2: Small Holes

Small holes can be filled in with one application of filler. Scrape around the inside edge of the hole to remove any loose plaster and dampen the area with a wet cloth. Fill the hole with the patching material and leave to dry for several hours before sanding the area flush with the wall. Prime the area for finishing and it is ready to paint.

Step 3: Large Holes

For a large hole start by preparing the area as you would with a smaller hole. Then get a piece of wire mesh larger than the hole and thread a length of string or wire through the center. Place it inside the hole and use the wire to pull it against the inside. To hold it there, find a thin piece of wood longer than the width of the hole (paint stirrers or pencils work well) and twist the string securely around it to pull the mesh backing tight against the opening.

Step 4: Re-plaster

Wipe the inside and mesh lightly with a wet cloth and apply the first coat of plaster, forcing it through the mesh and covering the edges of the hole to anchor it. After the first layer is dry, untwist the string and remove the pencil before applying the second coat to fill in the hole completely. Once the area has dried sand it flat, it is ready to be primed and painted.