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How To Repair Your Face When You've Been Crying

How To Repair Your Face When You've Been Crying

Celebrity make-up artist Jo Adams shows you how to refresh your make-up to disguise the fact that you've been crying. This has happened to most females, so why not learn how to freshen your face when you've been crying.

Step 1: Immediately after

If you don't have anything with you, don't rub your eyes, and lift your head so tears drain down tear ducts. Blot your face with tissue, and clean remaining smudged make-up with tap water on a tissue. Use the warmth of your fingers to push remaining make-up over the tear tracks.

Step 2: Prepare

If you think you're going to an event where you're liable to cry, take eye drops, a white eye pencil, blotting sheets and concealer with you. Eye drops will reduce soreness. Apply a creamy, light reflective concealer under the eyes and around the nose if necessary. Blot your face if your skin has become shiny, and use an off-white eyeliner in the corners of your eyes.