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How To Repeat A Song Or Playlist On Your iPod

How To Repeat A Song Or Playlist On Your iPod

When a song is so good you have to play it over and over, it's good to know the iPod has a built-in repeat feature. Listen to your favourite songs time and time again with these helpful tips for your iPod.

Step 1: You will need


Step 2: Main Menu

If you aren't already on the Main Menu, keep pressing the Menu button until you are. Slide your finger on the click wheel to scroll down and highlight Settings. Make your selection by clicking on the center of the click wheel.

Step 3: Repeat

Slide your finger along the click wheel and highlight Repeat.

Click the click wheel once to repeat a song, and twice to repeat a playlist.

Click once more to turn the repeat feature off.

Step 4: Back to the Main Menu

After you have made your selection, press the Menu button, choose one of your songs or playlists and enjoy your favorites again and again and again……