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How To Replace Drum Skins

How To Replace Drum Skins

This video tutorial explains how the replace the skins on your drum kit in easy to follow steps.

My name is James Hols, and am a drum teacher at London music school. In this video am showing you some drum skills. In this video I will be showing you to change the drum skin.

Step 1 what you need a drum, some drum sticks and 1 or may be 2 drum tuning case. Step 2 to change the drum skin we need to fist of all take the old skin off and the reason why we need to change the drum skin is cause the skin looses its elasticity and becomes dead. So what you need to do to take the drum skin off is undo with drum key these tuning lugs at the side of your drum on this drum there are 10 lugs all so I am going to undo the drum lugs anti clock wise, now the bolts come out off the drum, I lift the drum lid off and the skin comes away from the drum case or drum hoop or the drum ring so I put the old drum skin away and before I put the new skin on all I wanted to do is just go around the baring edge of the air drum or drum and make sure there no wood chips then we got get a new skin.

I will be putting on making sure that it sits nicely on the bearing edge and we place the drum hoop over the top making sure the tuning lugs match up with the holes snatch up with them.
what I do is I screw each of the tuning lugs in the bolts into the holes all the way round using opposites, so I need intention on the skin. Now I do this with my fingers to get finger tight so I cant tune it further with my fingers.

Then after that I take preferably two drum tuning case and do half a turn on opposite sides of the drum on each tuning lug. Remembering where you started from, so I am going to put my nee on where the first tuning lug was and I get an half a turn on each. Gradually the skin will tighten up and I should, in a minute get a turn on the skin.

Now I got a tune edge on this tune drum but it is quite lower. So I need to quite go lot higher to make this air drum tuned. That's how to change the drum skin How to change a drum skin
Step 1:All you need is a drum, drum sticks and 1 or 2 drum tuning case.

Step 2:To replace the drum skin, first you need to take off the old one.

Step 3:Unloose the tuning lugs of the drum in anti clock wise direction.

Step 4:Now you can lift the drum hoop off, and the skin comes away from the
drum hoop.

Step 5:Replace the drum skin with the new one and place it on the drum.

Step 6:Now place the drum hoop on top of the drum skin and hand tight all the
tuning lugs.

Step 7:Once you tighten all the tuning lugs with your hand place the 2 tuning
case on either side of the tuning lugs.

Step 8:Half spin the tuning case in clock wise direction and move on to the
next lug, continue doing the same for all the tuning lugs.

Step 9:Once you done tight all of them tune the drum according to your need.

Step 10:Now you are done with your drum skin replacement. .