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How To Reseed A Lawn

How To Reseed A Lawn

This video describes how to easily reseed a lawn and what tools and products you need to protect your lawn.

Hi. I'm Mike and this is Dan, and we're from the Lawn Company. We have a wealth of experience in looking after lawns, large and small.

We're going to show you some handy tips on how to care for your lawn. I'm going to show you how to reseed a lawn. With your chosen grass seed, it's important to apply the seed around the edges of the lawn first, not too heavily but not too sparsely.

Be careful not to get it into the flower borders, so choose a non-windy day, ideally. Once you have done the edges of the lawn, there are various methods of application to help you do the job a bit quicker. Follow your mooring lines.

You could use this handy little spreader. Make sure you get the right setting. Just walk up and down the lawn, applying the lawn seed evenly.

For a slightly larger area, there is no harm in getting out your trusty fertilizer spreader. Walk up and down your lawn following your mooring lines until you get to the edges and you can close the hopper off without overlapping too much. Make the return pass.

Once the lawn seed has been applied, we need some top dressing material. Gently broadcast this over to where the grass seed has been applied. Work it into the surface with the back of a garden rake.

This material, which is a soil-based material, will just cover up those new grass seeds that you have just applied, and keep them nicely protected from the birds. Once you have applied the grass seed, it's important to water it or just rely on natural rain and that's how you reseed a lawn. .