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How To Reset Blackberry Curve

How To Reset Blackberry Curve

In this clip, mobile phone expert Simon Rockman explains the basic steps involved in resetting the Blackberry Curve phone model. This advice will be very useful if one wants to sell their phone to buy a new one.

How to reset a Blackberry Curve. There are two types of resets that you got to worry about. Here, we have, going to look at deleting everything.

The kind of reset that you want to do if you are updating a phone, you want to sell or pass to your children your old phone. So, this will take the phone back to its out-of-the-box fresh new format from a seller point of view. If you are working for a big corporate, a lot of your data is backed up on your corporate network processing through BES, Blackberry Enterprise Server.

And you have to talk to your IT department to get things to sort out deleting the stuff on the enterprise server and then get your new BlackBerry and that's really what we can do here. Assuming you are an individual user and you are using Blackberry called BIS, Blackberry Internet Service, then you have your mail in your Pop3 or Hotmail mail boxes and you want to keep it there anyway and you just want to delete all the data in your phone. And that's nice and simple.

You go into settings, look up menu, go to the little standard icon, go to the security option and then security wide, and then click on Security wide and that will delete your phone, delete everything in your phone and your BlackBerry is wonderfully secure and there is no way anybody can use your phone and get your data back. And that's how to reset a Blackberry Curve. .