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How To Resize A Ring

How To Resize A Ring

To resize your ring, you will have to go to the goldsmith who will do the whole job of resizing the ring and then polishing it to make it look the same again.

Hi. I'm Cherie Birks from Cool Diamonds in London, Hatton Garden and I'm a goldsmith here, and I've been a goldsmith for nearly 10 years and I've trained for that in Australia. Currently, we sell diamonds mounted in platinum and 18-carat white gold and 18-carat yellow gold.

I'm here to demonstrate polishing and resizing of rings and diamond jewellery. I'm going to demonstrate how to resize a ring down in size. So, we'll start off by taking the customer's finger size and we use an alphabet system from A to Z.

Well, D usually and this ring is currently a size M for Mary and I have to resize that down to a J and a half. So what we do is by getting a self ring and cutting that small space out of the ring and rejoining it reducing the circumference of the ring. So that's one, two and a half size.

And then need to ensure you've got a straight join. And it's in place, pull the circumference of the ring around. So just hold it up to the light, no gaps in the join.

Double check the size. Still a little bit big so I'll just need to cut a little bit out of that. Now we're ready for soldering.

These are fine to solder. Okay, I just need to heat the ring. Nice and even.

Pick out the solder. And because the fine will oxidise the metal, which means it goes black on the outside, we need to put it in an acid and that will clean off the metal and it will also clean off the flux. Okay, so just put that in there, make sure it doesn't splash and we leave it to soak for a couple of minutes till it's nice and clean.

Just rinse it. Dry it. And we'll take it back in to clean up the join.

So we're working from coarse to fine. And we'll use a very coarse file to start off with and just take off with our ring related sizing plate because we manufacture, so I just need to take off that and match it into the rest of the profile of the ring. And hop on the manjo.

Just getting the rubber mallet to top it round, so it's perfectly round. So once we've finished filing, you can't really send it out with file marks on it, we're on to pay for emery again working from coarse to fine. She's an attachment of a flexi shop just brush further, emery, the ring to a finer finish.

Now, we go to polishing. And now, we go to cleaning. So for cleaning at home, you can purchase an ultrasonic cleaner but I would just recommend sort of quite warm water, a bit of dish detergent like mild detergent and a dash of ammonia, actually degreases your jewellery and your diamonds really well.

And just get an old toothbrush and brushing behind all your settings and any intricate crevices that there might be and that will just keep it nice and clean. So that's it for resizing down, that's pretty much my part of the job for now. Now because we manufacture, it will go to a diamond setter.

He will set the diamond and then we do a final clean and polish and that's about it. .