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How To Resize A Wedding Ring

How To Resize A Wedding Ring

This video will go through the steps needed to resize a wedding band. From annealing at the beginning to polishing the finished product, learn how to resize a wedding band without cutting it.

Hi, I'm Cherie Birks from Cool Diamonds in London, Hotten Garden. I'm a goldsmith here and I've been a goldsmith for nearly ten years. I trained for that in Australia.

But ultimately, we sell diamonds mounted in platinum, 18kt white gold and 18kt yellow gold. I'm here to demonstrate polishing and resizing of rings and diamond jewelry. We're just going to demonstrate how to resize wedding bands.

And we do have a special tool where we don't need to cut it. So at the moment, it's a size "U" and I'll need to take that down to an R 1/2. This is platinum, so it's quite hard, so I'll need to anneal that first.

And annealing is just heating the metal quite hot, and then cooling it and it makes it more malleable. So I'll just put that in the water to cool it. Now we'll go to our stretching machine.

This is a wedding band stretcher and it does both. It stretches wedding bands to be bigger, and in the bottom, there's also tapered holes where we push down on it and it will make them smaller. Means that we don't have to cut, and the wedding band will still remain seamless.

So I just want to check my size there. So I'll just take it out, check the finger size, R and a 1/2. From the process of popping it in the taper, it will have marks on it.

So now we go through the process of using, we don't have to use a file because it's not that deep, but Emery papering from coarse to fine and then we go through the whole process of polishing again, coarse to fine. Now, I'm using my Flexi-shaft with also a nice fine Emery paper on a spindle. And that again, just takes out the Emery marks that I've put in using the slightly coarse Emery.

This is slightly finer and it just means that when I go to polish, I won't have to polish so much. And that is resizing a wedding band. .