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How To Retwist Dreads

How To Retwist Dreads

Retwisting or reforming or palm rolling the hair is a really neat and modern way of hairstyling. It can give you both an elegant and casual look.

My name is Lauralyn from the Braiding Art Academy in London. I'm about to show you how to do a 'retwist' - the 'dreadlock retwist' or a 'palm roll'. Okay, when you're doing the palm roll, basically the dreadlock is about broken hair, so often when you come to the hair in this state, you're going to see that there are strands of hair hooked on to other strands of hair.

What you need to do is separate it from all strands of hair around it. If your hair is breaking or popping that doesn't matter, that's all part of 4 minute tress lock. As you can see, he's got about quarter of an inch of free growth and that's what we're going to be retwisting today, okay.

So what you can do, you can put a little bit of gel or a little bit of wax in your hand, okay. All the strands of hair that are there, begin to twist with your fingers the strands into the rest of the lock, as you can see, you got your basis for what you're going to be retwisting or re-palm rolling. Then take the palm of your hand and what you're going to do is with a firm hand, take two hands and start to roll them together.

As you're rolling, you're going to start sliding your hand down the lock. This is called forming the lock. So you palm roll and you carry on rolling down the lock.

As you roll down the lock, it will begin to tighten from the root, that is the effect that you want. You'll also see that the hairs that were stray will begin to start rolling into the lock neatly, okay, depending which direction you're rolling in, the stray hair should roll into the same direction. And you begin to form your lock from root.

Okay. Now put a little bit of effort into it, that's what it needs, that's what will help the hair to stay, like even when you let go of the lock. Okay, and that's how you begin to form your locks.

Okay, so I'm going to show you the whole thing again. There's another lock. Okay, I'm going to take this one because this one's quite matted.

I'm going to first separate it, more stray hairs outside the lock. I've then got my stray hairs at the top here. So I'm going to base my hand with a little bit of gel, take my forefingers and my thumb and begin to twist the root of the lock so I have a deep base that is separating the hairs round the outside.

I'm going to then take the palm of my hand, palm of my second hand and begin to form the lock, going to form the lock. As you can see where there were stray hairs that were out before, have now been rolled into the rest of the lock. So you have a consistent roll from the root to the tip which is very far away until it's rolled down.

And there's the second lock formed. Okay, and that's how you form or reform or retwist dreadlocks. .