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How To Reverse Receding Gums

How To Reverse Receding Gums

How To Reverse Receding Gums: If you are anxious about your receding gums and are looking for ways to stop them, then this video has all the rightful tips you can make use of in your fight against receding gums.

Hi, I am Brian Halvorsen and I am a dentist. I have been in practice for over 35 years and I have written a book about my principles on holistic dentistry. The book is called Great Teeth for Life.

In this video, I will discuss receding gums. Now, you can have various reasons for receding gums. In the younger generation, it's mainly due to possibly over infusia gastic brushing which is literally wearing away the surface.

So the gum withers away and exposes mortar root. This is slightly complicated by the fact that it depends on where the tooth is actually positioned on the jaw bone. And sometimes, it just isn't bound to surround the tooth to start with.

And it quickly may just shrink back. This is not a disease and it is not likely to cause the loss of a tooth. It may be unsightly and you may then need to talk to your dentist about how possibly you could meet the help.

But this is not a disease. The next possible situation where you may notice receding gums is actually purely aging. As we get older, the gum and the jaw bone does shrink back from the roots.

So this again, this is a natural process but I often find my patients do get slightly alarmed when they see that their roots are more exposed. And again, possibly unsightly. Now, by trying to brush them, you can't do the brush them back.

Once actually these gums have shrunk back, all you can really do is keep them healthy by good hygiene around where they join the tooth. Trying to comb the gums back will only lead to some pockets blowing up and possibly gum disease. Now, gum disease is often the most common cause of receding gums and this is where the bacteria and the plague would have actually caused the bone to shrink back because of disease and this is again permanent.

We cannot push the gums back to where they used to be without actually covering up the disease process. So what we try to do especially with the help of a hygenist is actually to make sure that as the gums recede, all the various root shapes, everything else are kept clean. And so that this process does not proceed.

Ironically, when the gums are shrunk and they are kept healthy, we may not see the gums shrinking back. But by keeping them looking healthy and are healthy, we can actually stop this process from occurring. I hope these tips and explanations may explain about receding gums.

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