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How To Revise Successfully

How To Revise Successfully

This film acts as a very useful guide as to how you can get the best out of your revision. Learning to revise properly could be the difference between success and failure, so learn the best techniques here!

Step 1: Do It Yourself

Make your own revision notes. Don't just copy them or borrow someone else's. You'll learn as you write and, once you've got them, you're halfway there.

Step 2: Be brief

Check the syllabus or ask a teacher to make sure you've got the key areas sussed. Focusing on these key areas will hold you in good stead

Step 3: Be positive

Concentrating on the plus points of revision helps keep you going. Start by thinking how much easier you'll find the exams. If you do lots of revision then you will see the results.

Step 4: Don't overdo it

Your concentration lapses after a couple of hours, use a revision plan so that you can take regular breaks.

Step 5: Variety

Experiment with different revision techniques to find the ones which suit you best. Variety beats boredom too.

Step 6: Focus

Don't make pointless notes or just copy huge chunks of text. Look at past exam papers and see how questions could be asked and base your revision on topics that are likely to come up.

Step 7: Confidence

Get confident. If you're positive about exams, you should take in more information and remember it when it counts.