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How To Ride A Bicycle

How To Ride A Bicycle

Tips from an expert on the easiest way to learn how to ride a bike for grown ups and children.

Hello, my name is John, I'm from On Your Bike in London. I've been a bike mechanic for twelve years. I am going to show you a few things about bikes, things about saddle height and setting it up besides the correct size and a few maintenance tips as well.

How to ride a bike? First thing to do before you get on a bike is to get the seat at the right height. For me, this would be far too high so I'll put it in a lower position. I'm going to sit on it and try that.

For one example, I'll catch the tip toes, tapping like that feels quite good. Putting the head into the bottom, I want to say my leg and skin might be straight, too sloppy in my knees, as long as my muscles are easy from the underneath. Another thing I need to do is to make sure it is in the low gear so in that way, I can put away a nice knee to it or if I am coming to it, he will come and make sure he will be in a low gear.

So all that has been checked and I think I am ready to go. This is how to ride, to start riding a children's bike. To start off with, what you can do is not fit the pedals, first of all, and take them to a park or somewhere there is no traffic and let them gradually just scoop down the gradient to get their balance and once they have got their balance then and they can steer, can get their balance, then you can reach for the pedals and they can learn to pedal and that's how they can learn to cycle.