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How To Ride A Bike

How To Ride A Bike

riding a bike is easy. This video will help you get started. Watch and learn how to ride a bike.

Hey guys I'm a BMX flatland and my name is Mario Carelse and I ride for Team Extreme and I'm going to show you some BMX tips and hints. Well were going to look how to ride a bicycle basically. What I say with this is depending in your size and build to go for a bike that actually suites you and fits you correctly.

This will help if you've never been riding a bicycle before and you are looking to learn. So basically BMX is an ideal bike to learn when you'd be a child or when you'd be an adult because its small. The bars are nice and wide and we've haven't got far to fall if it does go wrong.

So all I suggest is well is the seat is very important. You should be able to have both feet on the floor. Before you start you want to be able to do this comfortable and bend your legs.

You don't want to be too high up but your feet aren't touching the floor because when you fall you've got farther to fall. So basically you want to be comfortable you would able to set the bike out underneath you. Step over easy and always make sure you can get away from the bike when it goes wrong and don't panic above all.

If you suddenly fall don't decided to slam on the front brake fifty miles an hour. Cause you'd just shout over the bars. Just go with the bike and put your foot down to whichever way you'd going to fall.

Eventually with practice you learn how to fall and it will come. Riding a bike is only you can progress every single day because you'd actually go farther every day. So it will be fine.

The first things to remember riding a bike is to set you're self up. You want to sit on your seat, have one foot on the floor and you'd always have a comfortable foot. A foot that you'd put forward basically.

In my case its always my right foot. So I had my pedal straight. I have my right foot on the pedal ready to go.

Now I wouldn't recommend just pedaling off straight away. Just get the feel of your bike by rolling push down the pedal lean it to one side have your foot support and just push yourself around. Get comfortable with being on the bike.

Try not to lean on the opposite way. Cause you might get end up doing that. You want to try lean on where you will go but not too much as you go like that.

Always try to keep the bike straight you feel yourself going to one side you turn to opposite direction using your body weight. Eventually when you get this you won't be so conscious of yourself doing this. It will just be like riding a bike, it would just be on the straight line and you'd go.

So eventually just keep doing this and try to keep your foot on the floor a little bit longer each time. This will just get used of the bike,. This can be done in a small area you don't have to be done in track or anything like that.

One you've got to that point when you can close in when you think about putting your foot on the pedal. Now this is where it becomes more a little bit more difficult because both of your legs are going to be in motion. You're going to be right on the bike you're not going to have any support like going around.

But you won't need it cause once you'd got that balance point just be basically that one there. If you feel it going wrong put it back on the floor. That's all you need to do.

So you're going to move away and the same stance and eventually you'd going to move far as the pedal and just try and coast. Used the steering feel where the bike is. If you feel yourself leaning in steer and lean in the opposite direction, if it goes too far that way, and obviously your speed is going to run out because you're not pedaling.

So you want to be better this move down. When in the circle is easy to learn at first but then eventually you want be going in a straight line. So you need to get the same thing going but in a straight line.

Keep pointing the bike forward try not to turn too much in either direction and get your balance point. Then in a straight line once that is done, you nee