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How To Rip Songs Into Your Zune Library

How To Rip Songs Into Your Zune Library

In case you're not up on your cyber-slang, "ripping" is the process by which songs from a compact disc are stored digitally on your computer, or any hard drive. Although it sounds complicated, the Zune software makes it easy. We'll show you how to rip songs into your Zune library properly.

Step 1: Load Up

Insert the CD you wish to rip into your computer's CD or DVD drive.

Step 2: Rip It Right Away

When your computer recognizes your CD, a window will pop up and ask you what you want the computer to do with the CD. Choose "Rip Music From CD Using Zune." Your computer will automatically launch the Zune software and begin copying the songs to your hard drive.

Step 3: Rip From Within

If you've already got a CD loaded into your computer and now wish to rip it from within the Zune software. Choose the options tab on the top of the Zune interface and go to the "Rip" options. Choose "Rip" again to begin digitally storing songs.