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How To Roller Skate Backwards

How To Roller Skate Backwards

Learn the basic principle of skating backwards with this video tutorial from Stuart Thomas of Roller City. Watch as he demonstrates the proper techniques, body mechanics and tips on how to properly skate backwards so you can enjoy more of skating and at the same time stay away from accidents.

Hi! I'm Stuart Thomas, I'm here at Roller City and I'm going to teach you how to roller skate. So we're going to teach you to skate backwards. The best thing to do is get yourself in a nice comfortable position.

Put your toes inwards and your heels out, basically your creating a triangle shape and what you want to do is as you push out you want to get to about just past your shoulder width and then bring your heels back in again, so your creating like a snake shape. Once you've got this momentum going keep it up, pushing your heels out, bring them back in, push them back out, and bring them back in and that will start your backward skating motion. It's also important when you're going backwards to look over your shoulder otherwise you won't see people that are in your way, and you'll bump into other people.

So starting again with your toes inwards and your heels out, look over your shoulder make sure no one is around. Push your heels out, bring them back in, push them back out, and bring them back in. it's always good to bend your knees as you do it because you will working those top muscles in your leg.

The same happens when you do it forwards as well, as you can see. So starting again, keep your toes in, heels out, Push them out, back in, back out again, and back in. the harder and faster you do this the more momentum you will pick up as you do it so you can really push hard and you will get faster.

Stage two of it is once you've got the momentum going a lot of people then cross their feet, it's the same motion but then you cross your feet and once you've got that going you will find it easier to go around corners, people and obstacles. So starting with your toes in, push out, cross over, push out, and cross over. Some people lift their feet off, just so that you get extra, extra speed up.

Starting with your toes in, push them out, bring it across, lift that foot up and out and bring it across. You're doing the same idea but your pushing your feet from behind the other. And the same again, once you've got that momentum going, the more that you put in to it the faster you will get.

Also, one you are lifting your foot off, you've got to remember to change your weight onto which foot you're skating in to because you don't want o have your weight on this foot and try to lift it up or you'll fall over. So once you've got that going, you can then lean in to it, if you're going around corners and people. So push your heels out and back in, out and back in, then you can lean, and out, and back in.

and that's the basic principle of skating backwards.