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How To Roller Skate For Beginners

How To Roller Skate For Beginners

Roller skating can be a fun and exciting activity for the whole family. In this video, a skating instructor teaches how to roller skate for beginners, with simple starting and stopping.

Hi, I'm Stuart Thomas. I'm here at Roller City and I'm going to teach you how to roller skate. So, we're going to show you the basics of skating.

There are two ways of doing it. Some people like to start by just doing the push-off and get going. Some people want to learn to stop as well before they get skating, so there's another way of doing it by starting the T start.

You've got your T start which is the same as the T stop. You're doing both one way. So, basically you start as a T.

Push off. Keep the same shape and stop at the same time. Push off, and stop again.

Once you've got that going, you'll find that it's easier to stop instead of crashing into bars or other people. So get yourself near the side of the rink. Make sure you're not too far away that you can't grab it if you're going to fall over.

Transfer all of your weight on to your front foot and push off. With the second foot, drag behind and slowly push down to give you the T stop. As you're dragging it, try to keep all four wheels on the floor.

It'll give you a better and smoother stopping. The more and more you want to stop quicker, the harder you push that foot back down, which will act like a brake, stopping you before you hit the wall. So once you've got the skating going, you're going to need to stop and the best way to stop is by either using your wheels or your stoppers and not the wall.

First of all, I'll teach you how to T start which also is a good way of starting. So, if you get your legs in a T position, one foot behind the other, you can then push off, and stop with the same foot you pushed off with. What you want to try and do is keep all four wheels flat to the floor, maybe at a slight angle so you're bringing it down like a brake.

Once you've got that to a T, you'll find the T stops easy. That's how you skate for beginners. .