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How To Rollerblade

How To Rollerblade

Learn how to rollerblade. There are lots of sports that involve rollerblades. Learn ho to rollerblade with this video and see how it is done. It is pretty simple and at the same time fun. So what are you waiting for? Pick up those rollerblades now!

Once you have put your skates on and make sure you do them up well. Too loose and you're going to hurt your ankle. Too tight and you'd won't be able to move.

You need to find the comfortable tightness of doing your laces up and the clips that go across the front. Once you've got that just start yourself off in a nice T position. Easy to start like this because you've got something to push-off on to get going.

Some people do like to start with both feet beside each other and just push out just like you were doing on ice-skate. What you can do is slightly angle one foot dig in to the floor and push on to one foot. Once you get that going you want to keep pushing out.

Once you'd get going you want to push out in a diagonal motion carving the floor to your right and to your left. Once you've got your momentum going. You're going to want to stop.

Best way to do is a T stop or a hockey stop. Once you're going you're going to drag one foot behind and stop slowly. If you need to do a lot it a lot quicker you can do a hockey stop.

So you plant one foot and flick out the other side basically that will give you a lot of more cutting edge stopping at a shorter distance if you can with a T stop. I'll show you again. So T stop would be, when you skating and just drag that foot behind and you come to a stop.

With the hockey stop you need to skate forward plant one foot and flick on the second foot. You need to kick your heel out a bit and it will give you a bit more grip quicker. Now I'm going to show you how to skate backwards on blades.

The easiest way to do is to start of your toes pointing in and your heels are pointing out. As you push out with your feet you get to a point just pass your shoulders and you want to pull your feet back in again towards you. Try not to clip with your feet avoid you're going to trip over and go backwards.

So what you want to do is start with your toes inwards your heels out and pushes out and just as you'd get to a point. You want to pull them back in. Not all the way in that they touch but then push them out again and that will give you like a snaking motion.

Once you'd get the hang of that. You need to look over your shoulder for people behind you. So when your pushing out and in you'd' want to be looking over your shoulder.

So you can see what's behind you. And that will give you your basic skating backwards motion. You can do the same thing going forwards as well.

So you can practice it when you go backwards. The wider and the harder you push every time you push out. It's going to make you go faster.

That's all. Once you've mastered going backwards in the skate you can then try and put one foot behind the other like crossing them over. Cause your pushing out your crossing them over.

Once you've got that going, you can also stop backwards. So same as before as the hockey stop. Once you're going backwards, you need to plant one foot and keep the seconded foot out.

Once you are kicking it out. You want to push into the floor just try and brake. Stopping your momentum going forwards, pull all your weight in the inside foot if you're putting your outside foot to topple over.

Picking up speed your blades you need to bend your knees a little more and dig in deep. Once you dig in deep you can push and cut into the rink a lot faster and you'd find you get a lot quicker on your blades. Starting of just go slowly and then as you cut in faster you can go much quicker.

Also when you pick up your speed you can get lower to the floor. The lower you are, you're going to pick up speed and if you switch the weight in your shoulder s. You will find that you'd switch more power on weight on your legs.

And that's how to rollerblade.