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How To Run A Pick And Roll Play In Basketball

How To Run A Pick And Roll Play In Basketball

The pick and roll is one of the oldest and most common plays used in basketball to get an open look at the basket. Follow these steps to learn how to master the pick and roll.

Step 1: The Set Up

The pick and roll play is designed to create a mismatch on the defense which can usually result in an easy basket for the offense. More often than not the play begins when the ball handler calls for a pick from a forward. The forward slashes up to the perimeter to set a proper pick for the guard.

Step 2: The Pick

A pick is a screen for the player with the basketball. A screen is a legal action by an offensive player who, without moving, impedes an opponent from reaching their desired position by getting in their way. When the offensive player sets his pick that creates confusion on the defense as they either decide to switch off of the offensive players that they are guarding, or fight through the screen. If they do switch, then more often than not you can create a mismatch, where a smaller guard is trying to defend against a bigger forward.

Step 3: The Roll

After setting the pick, the forward will slide away towards the hoop. A quick pass from the guard will leave the forward open for an easy jump shot, lay-up, or slam dunk.