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How To Salsa Dance: The Right Turn

How To Salsa Dance: The Right Turn

The right turn is a key element in basic salsa dancing. This is sometimes also referred to as the he goes, she goes alternating right turn element. Professional dance instructors and award winning competitive dancers, Michael Kuka and Natalia Lind will show you how to do this basic Salsa step.

Step 1: You will need

Step 2: Basic Footwork

To start you place your feet together with equal weight on both. Start with your left foot and place it in front of your right foot at a forty-five degree angle with toe of the right foot in line with the ankle of the left foot. The weight will now be on your left foot. Now pressing on the ball of your left foot, pivot a half turn to your right, rotating both feet. End this move with a basic back break.

The Back Break: Start by moving your left foot backward about a foot or two, placing your weight on this foot. Next, keeping both feet where they are, replace your weight on your right foot. Now bring your left foot back to it's original position next to your right foot. Dance instructors like to call this out as, "Left foot - back, replace (the weight), together. Right foot - back, replace, together."

Step 3: Natural Opposites

The leader (usually male) will start off with his left foot. The follower (usually female) will do the natural opposite, so she will start with her right foot. The man will turn first and the lady will turn second.