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How To Save Money: 10 Things You Don't Need

How To Save Money: 10 Things You Don't Need

Times are tough, but saving money isn't. Just decide what you can do without. Here are 10 common but unnecessary purchases you don't need.

Step 1: Credit Card Protection Plans

They promise to make minimum payments if you lose your job. But they add a significant amount to your monthly bill- money better spent paying down balances.

Step 2: Commercial Grade Appliances

Americans are eating out more than ever, and an inexpensive microwave heats take-out quite well.

Step 3: Detox

Teas, colonics, even Japanese foot pads claim to detoxify your body. Your liver and kidneys do that for free.

Step 4: Jeans

The average American woman owns 8 pairs or more. Even at 75% off put them back.

Step 5: Kleenex Box Covers

Research has shown tissue works fine without a cover.

Step 6: Gag Gifts

Gag gifts are only funny once. And they're not even that funny. No refunds. Same goes for cutesy knick-knacks.

Step 7: Air Fresheners

If your house stinks, clean it. That should take care of the odor.

Step 8: Satellite Navigation

The vast majority of drivers know exactly where they're going. If you don't, online directions are free.

Step 9: Big Box Bulk

If you don't use it, it's not a bargain. It's a waste.

Step 10: Home Exercise Equipment

Most of it ends up unused, and there are far cheaper ways to hang up wet socks.