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How To Scarify A Lawn

How To Scarify A Lawn

This video describes in detail how to easily scarify your lawn. It shows which techniques and tools you need to use.

Hi. I'm Mike, and this is Dan, and we're from the Lawn Company. We have a wealth of experience in looking after lawns, large and small.

We are going to show you some handy tips on how to care for your lawn. I'm going to show you how to scarify your lawn. This lawn has recently been mown, and you can see on the surface that there is a lot of dead grass debris and tissue laying on the surface.

It's very important to remove all of this so that the free flow of nutrients and water doesn't impede its passage into the soil. Now, if you are on a limited budget, the good old trusty spring buck rake will be more than adequate if you have got a small lawn as well. Now, it's really a bit like going to the gym.

You're really doing a good old workout. Pick small areas at a time. Rake in one direction with a lot of pressure on this handle, and then in the other direction, and then what you'll see that if the debris wants to come out the lawn, then it will.

After you've worked on the area and you've gotten as much out as you can, all you need to do is get your normal lawn rake and just carefully rake as much debris as you can off and dispose of it on your compost heap. To ensure then that you've picked up as much dead material as you can, get your lawn mower out and give it a normal mowing session. If the thought of scarifying your lawn using a hand rake is a bit much of a daunting task, then why not consider an electrical or a petrol scarifier.

This model here is a petrol scarifier which will mechanically rake the old grass and debris out of the lawn. All you'll see underneath is a rail of rigid, steel tines which will basically groom the grass. It's a bit like a lawn mower but certainly a different task.

This model has a handy grass box which saves you from collecting up the debris at the end. Like mowing your lawn, when you scarify a lawn, in order to give yourself a turning circle, it is important to do two headlings around the perimeter of the lawn first. Don't be surprised at how much debris is actually going to come out of the lawn.

Be cruel to be kind. This material shouldn't be there and it's stifling your grass growth, so that's how you scarify your lawn.