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How To Scrunch Straight Hair

How To Scrunch Straight Hair

From naturally straight to natural-looking wavy hair, this can be achieved by scrunching. This video shows you the process which you can do at home.

My name's Lauralyn from the Braiding Lounge Academy in London. I'm about to show you how to scrunch straight hair. The hair has been washed.

It's being combed through. I've rough dried it just a little bit, just to take the excess water out, and what we're going to use now is a mousse to begin the scrunching process. Now, I'm going to start off the scrunching process, but to allow you guys to know how to do it at home, the client is going to finish it off for you.

So, you'll see the client can continue the process for you so you know how to do it at home, okay. That much in the palm of your hand to begin with and we're actually going to rub it in the palm of your hand a little bit and begin to scrunch your hair with the mousse being in it. Okay, I'm going to show you particularly on this side.

Add more mousse and as when you feel that you need some, and initially scrunching the mousse into your hair. Keep scrunching. Now, all the times you're doing this at home, you can actually do them like I'm doing now and in a while, I'm going to put it into two rear-up ponytails.

Those two ponytails you can keep in overnight, that will help keep the scrunch in place. So, by the next morning when it's dry, if you're doing this from home, you'll have to scrunch it firm to the next morning. Going back, you can have in your hair like I said, all you have to do is put the mousse in there, continue to scrunch, continue to scrunch all the way through, and a little bit more mousse in here up for the ponytail.

And when it's dry, or when you take it out of the ponytail, so when you style it, you can add more mousse when it's dry just to solidify the waves that you'll have in there. But you can see already, the effects it's going to have. Now, alternatively, if you do have a diffuser, you can use a diffuser to dry this for you, but I'm now going to part it into two ponytails.

You don't have to part it neatly, just part it as roughly as you can. We're literally going to put it into two pigtails, again into a rough, very rough ponytail. Okay.

So, that's how it will be left now until the hair is dry and then you'll be able to take out those two pigtails, add more mousse, add when you feel you need it in the hair to finish off the hairstyle when it's dry. Okay, and that is basically how you do a scrunch in the hair, particularly with straight hair. So, to show you how it looks overall, now this is the look that you have before the scrunch is complete.

We'll show you in here in a while what it looks like when the scrunch is dry. Okay, so as you see, the client has taken down the two ponytails that we've put into the hair. She's now going to add mousse as she wants it where to put the volume in the same scrunching motion as you saw the stylist put it before.

And now, you can see as she's letting down the hair where she's styling it to one side and the desired look she requires, she's got a natural even wave going though the hair. And that is how you scrunch dead straight hair.