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How To Seal Wood Scratches With A Walnut

How To Seal Wood Scratches With A Walnut

Nasty scratch on your furniture? Well you can treat it by using... a walnut! Yes, that's right, a walnut. Let us show you how to use this clever little snack to do more than just bust cholesterol!

Step 1: Rub your nut

Approach your item armed with your trusty walnut and begin by rubbing it in a circular motion across the length of the scratch, from one end to the other. Now rub your nut across the whole length of the scratch, back and forth several times.

Step 2: Leave to soak

Leave the scratch for several minutes. Eat some of the nuts if you like, or not. Meanwhile the natural oils in the nuts will be seaping into the wood, helping to heal the ugly wound.

Step 3: Polish

Now take a soft cloth and polish over the whole area to reveal that the scratch has disappeared! Great, go nuts!