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How To Secretly Record A Conversation

How To Secretly Record A Conversation

We went to the secret headquarters of Spycatcher online to speak to Surveillance expert Julia Adams about the different ways to secretly record a conversation.

Step 1: Recording your phone conversations

This can be done using a digital recorder and a lead to your phone. The type of lead will depend on the type of phone you are using. Use a mobile record lead for a mobile phone, a multi-line record lead for an office phone or a domestic phone line recorder if you want to record home phone calls.

Step 2: Recording other people's phone conversations

It's illegal to record both sides of a mobile phone call, although you can use a UHF phone transmitter to record landline conversations, providing you're not in the EU.

Step 3: Recording your face-to-face conversations

Miniature video cameras can be hidden on your person - in a button hole, or in the lid of a pen for example.

Step 4: Recording other people's face-to-face conversations

If you know the location of the conversation, a GSM transmitter can be hidden in an item of furniture in the room, for example a table lamp. Or you can plant an ultra slim transmitter on the person you would like to record if you don't know where the conversation is going to take place.