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How To Serve Red Wine

How To Serve Red Wine

Impress your friends by using the correct techniques for red wine service. We show you how to decant red wine, serve it at the right temperature, and choose the right glasses.

Step 1: You will need

Step 2: Temperature

Wines taste different at different temperatures.
Red is usually served at room temperature - although in an excessively heated house, room temperature may well be too warm

Step 3: Opening

Cut the foil using cutters or a blade.
Remove the cork, the method depending on the type of opener.

Step 4: Decanting

It is a good idea to decant wines into a decanter, jug or carafe, particularly with fine wines.
There are two reasons for this:
- to remove sediment
- to get air into the wine (aeration) to improve the taste.
If wine has lain undisturbed for some time, open it, ensure the neck is clean, and pour into the decanter. Stop before any sediment reaches neck. A Light source behind will help you see the sediment. If the wine has been moved/sediment disturbed, leave it to stand for 24 hrs so sediment can settle.

Step 5: Glassware

There are a huge variety of glasses available - and all have a different effect on taste and smell.
Most tasters prefer ISO tasting glass.
Glasses for red are usually larger than for white because of effect on taste, and to leave space for aerating the wine.

Step 6: Serve

Do not touch bottle to glass.
Do not hold glass in air while pouring - place on solid surface.
Twist bottle at end to prevent drips.
Fill glass one third full to leave space for swirling to get lots of air into wine.