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How To Serve White Wine

How To Serve White Wine

Impress your friends by using the correct techniques for white wine service. We show you how to serve white wine at the right temperature, and choose the right glasses.

Step 1: You will need

  • wine
  • 1 Corkscrew
  • 1 foil cutter
  • 1 glass

Step 2: Temperature

Wines taste different at different temperatures.
White usually served chilled, but not too cold because this will kill the taste. A few degrees cooler then room temperature is ideal for most whites.

Step 3: Opening

Cut foil with cutters or blade.
Remove cork, method depends on type of opener.

Step 4: Glassware

Huge variety of glasses available - all have different effect on taste and smell.
Most tasters prefer ISO tasting glass.
Glasses for white usually smaller than red - because of effect on taste, and so that a smaller amount of white can be served so it doesn't warm up in the glass.

Step 5: Serve

Do not touch bottle to glass.
Do not hold glass in air while pouring - place on solid surface.
Serve - a third of a glass is ideal to leave room for swirling.
Twist bottle at end to prevent drips.